NICE conducts debates in Ntchisi

As the 2019 tripartite elections are drawing closer, National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) has started conducting debates for parliamentary and local council aspirants.

According to Bester Chikafutwa, Civic Education Officer for NICE in Ntchisi, the debates are helping the candidates to sell themselves to voters.

Aspirants during the debate

Chikafutwa pointed out that the debates are a platform where the candidates can easily sell themselves because people of different political parties come at one place to hear different ideas brought forward by the candidates

“Debates also helps voters to make informed and right decision for they are able to know who will rightly represent them at council level even in parliament,” said Chikafutwa.

He further said that most people nowadays go for issue based politics hence the need to create such platforms.

Chikafutwa also expressed satisfaction with how the debates are going so far.

“The audience has been so impressive in all the places we have been going, even the candidates themselves, most of them have been attending the debates except for a few,” he said.

The organisation has organised 12 debates for both ward councillor aspirants and parliamentary aspirants and they have conducted four debates so far.