Man kills wife for denying him sex


A 25-year old man has been arrested in Rumphi for killing his wife after she denied him sex.

The incident occurred on Wednesday April 10 at Kamwe area in Rumphi.

The woman has been identified as Zione Lizeyo, 18, from Bandawe Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Mwambo in Zomba District while the man is James Lipa.

According to deputy public relations officer for Rumphi police Tupeliwe Kabwilo, on the material day the two quarreled after the wife denied the suspect sex.

“This angered the husband and immediately he started assaulting her and later the wife fainted.

“Sensing danger, the suspect informed his father in-law about it. They rushed her to Kamwe Health Centre but unfortunately she died while receiving treatment,” he said.

Medical Officers at the health facility confirmed that the woman’s death is due to internal bleeding.

The suspect is expected to answer the charge of murder which contravenes section 209 penal code.

James Lipa comes from Mina Village, T/A Jenala in Phalombe.



  1. Mulungu wanthu tipulumutseni ,where is this earth going

  2. Very unfortunate that this happened and why beat a wife just cos of sex? Self control James Lipa. See, your anger led you to murder and you will be a sex slave of sodomy behind bars. Your Honour I rest my case.

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