DPP pledges to protect Malawian-owned businesses


The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has issued a message of assurance to Malawian-owned businesses saying government will stop foreigners from owning small businesses.

Speaking to the gathering during the manifesto launch at Kamuzu Institute for Sports, the state president who is also the torchbearer for the ruling DPP, Peter Mutharika, said domestic businesses have been struggling to grow and make profits because of lack of national security.

Mutharika and Jeffrey during the launch

According to Mutharika, any foreign investor with less than 250 million US dollars to invest in the country will not be rendered space.

“It has been a tendency for foreign investors coming in our country with a meaningless capital. Such investors only deprive the country’s growing businesses and in our manifesto we say all foreign investors with less than 250 million US dollars shall not be allowed to run business in the country. Not only that, our manifesto also divulge that any coming investors shall not be accommodated in rural areas to venture into a business of less than 50 million kwacha less. This is only to address the continued hiccups that have been shaking small businesses in Malawi,” said Mutharika.

He further told the crowd that DPP government has already done great things for this country and this factor alone tells Malawians that only DPP is ready to lead Malawi.

Among other things, Mutharika reminded the gathering that DPP came into power in time of broken economy and all donors turned against this country but DPP government managed to run the country.

Mutharika also said DPP manifesto tackles all issues affecting all people in the country.

On the PP-MCP coalition, Mutharika mocked the alliance saying Joyce Banda is unclean and Chakwera accepting her only shows that he is ready to work with corrupt leaders in the country.

He then denied claims that the DPP approached Banda for 2019 electoral alliance.

“It was Joyce Banda who approached me to work together but I refuted following her unkindness for Malawians, in her two year rule she squandered a lot of government money. I can also tip you that Joyce Banda tried to send Ibrahim Matola to plead with me but I chased him right at the gate,” said furious Mutharika.

Taking to the podium before Mutharika, DPP Secretary General Grezelder Jeffrey pleaded with people to vote for DPP leaders so that the current development activities should continue and for Mutharika to achieve his goal of transforming this country.

“Peter Mutharika has developed this country than any other government. For example, DPP government has constructed good and modern roads in the country and all these developments speak by themselves. Therefore I urge you people not to let these developments go. Hold them well and only way is to vote for DPP leaders on 21st May this year,” Jeffrey narrated.

Jeffrey also spoke on the cashgate scandal and selling of private jet claiming that Joyce Banda has to face the law and return money she stole in 2012-2014 PP rule.

On Sunday, United Democratic Front and Umodzi party also launched their manifestos.


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  1. With such policies DPP will allow Malawi to continue to be a very poor country without foreign investment.

    Other countries encourage foreign investment by offering tax incentives and land to build.

    Foreign investment promotes jobs increases wealth and taxation.

    Time for DPP to go

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