Mzimba Solola candidate calls for voters’ mindset change

Chisi- We need a leader who is developmental driven.

Independent Candidate for Mzimba Solola constituency in Mzimba Precious Chisi says voters in the constituency need to open their eyes and vote for a Member of Parliament (MP) who can develop the constituency.

Chisi, who recently dumped the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), said it is pity that 25 years down the line of democracy, Mzimba Solola constituency remains poorly developed.

 Chisi- We need a leader who is developmental driven.
Chisi- We need a leader who is developmental driven.

He made the remarks on Sunday in Mzimba at old airdrome when he launched his constituency campaign for the May 21 Tripartite Elections (TPE).

Chisi said: “This coming election is very important, because it gives us the people of Solola a chance to make-up the mistakes we have been doing in the past.

“We have been voting and voting but nothing has changed. Our roads and bridges are bad, people have no water and development is stagnant.”

Chisi then promised the people that once voted into power, he will make sure every fund meant for development does its intended purpose.

“I will not tamper with Constituency Development Fund (CDF) or any development funds. I will lobby government for better roads, water and schools in this constituency,” said Chisi who was AFORD vice president.

Chisi stunned people recently when he dumped AFORD and presented his nomination papers to run for Mzimba Solola constituency as an independent candidate.

His move left AFORD with no candidate in the constituency, which was represented in the just-ended parliament by Jacob Hara of Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

Meanwhile, 10 candidates are expected to battle it out for Mzimba Solola constituency, with Beatrice Nyakumwenda of United Transformation Party (UTM) as the only female candidate.

According to Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) figures, about 52, 541 voters are expected to cast the ballot in the constituency.