MCP storms Makanjira, implores voters to vote for Chakwera

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera has urged people in Mangochi District to punish the current government by voting for MCP candidates beginning from president, legislators and councillors in order to enjoy massive development the party has put in its manifesto.

Chakwera said this at Mpilipili, Mangochi North Constituency, Traditional Authority (T/A) Makanjira in the district during the public rally the MCP held to drum up the party’s support ahead of May 21 2019 tripartite elections.

Chakwera speaking during the rally

Speaking to multitudes that came to demystify the area’s long history of United Democratic Front (UDF) stronghold, the MCP president said time has come for people in the district to elect honest, visionary and development-wise leaders who will transform their lives.

“During the forthcoming elections, please vote for me and all the MCP candidates if you are get out of the stubborn poverty perpetrated by selfish and corrupt people who have failed to run the country. It’s time for people with clean track-record to turn around things,” he said.

Chakwera said he has a cream team as evidenced by his running mate, Sidik Mia who is well-experienced in politics and has the ability to change the country with those traits than the current leaders in government who are known of squandering tax payer’s money.

“If given a chance, our government will secure communities from border districts like Mangochi-Makanjira area from any torture to allow people enjoy their rights,” said the MCP hopeful, amid ululations from the audience.
He further added that MCP has plans to invest more in tourism centers in Mangochi district because of the district’s natural endowment of fresh water of Lake Malawi which attracts tourists.

Speaking earlier, People’s Party (PP) President Joyce Banda whose party made electoral alliance with MCP, urged people not to waste their time during the elections looking for corrupt leaders but rather settle for Chakwera because he is the only candidate holding a key to development.

“It’s high time we used our vote wisely to usher in corrupt free people and development conscious people. Chakwera deserves to be given a mandate of ruling this country to turn around our situation. This is why I chose to support him,” said Banda, who is Malawi’s former president.