Andu Ntonya under fire: Challenged to release alleged Bushiri tapes


After enjoying limelight of defaming Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, social media is now turning against renowned UK-based Malawian sex worker Sandra Andu Ntonya, challenging her to release the alleged sex-chats she has been talking about.

The Mancunian hooker has been running a series of Facebook video chats attacking Asheren Enless Masambo of having a sexual relationship with Prophet Bushiri.

Andu challenged: Where is the evidence?

When confronted on the allegations, she told his followers that she has nude pictures of Bushiri and Ashreen which she threatened to release. She also claimed to have video clips.

Having enjoyed limelight and likes of her timeline, social media has now turned against her, challenging her to release the evidence of allegations.

Renowned Facebook blogger Gerald Kampanikiza has given her 24 hours to release the evidence besides thew allegations.

On her new post, Andu appears to be backing down, suggesting she does not have any proof to support her highly damaging allegations.

Bushiri is yet to comment.

Meanwhile, Enless Masambo has issued a public apology to Prophet Bushiri for the damage caused by her fallout with Andu on him and his family.



  1. Manyazi ulibe u want to destroy my brother s marriage. You are jellyfish jelous of his wife. She is more beautiful than you. Even hule wakwathu would not do your cheap malice. There Is what we call discretion. . WHY now? Stop it. .king David and his son king Solomon had many women and many children .he can can sleep with who he wants he is an African man with an African culture. You are not the first nor the last but STOP malice. Attention seeker drama queen. .leave him alone. After All it’s his body not yours. .nya CHIRWA mlong wache

  2. My heart breaks seeing these disgusting, allegations against such a highly servant of God. He is giving his all and has fully allowed God to use him to save souls, delivering those who are in bondage and helping the needy by God’s grace and anointing placed upon him. I strongly argue with those involved or have been part of all these fibrications, from money Laundering that ended him in prison to apologies or the wrath of God will crush them into pieces. This is not Shoprite where people deal with tomatoes and onions, what Major 1 is doing is GOD’S WORK, dealing with souls for heaven sake.

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