Two Malawians injured, 300 displaced in xenophobic attacks


Two Malawians have suffered injuries while 300 have been forced out of their homes following xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

According to a statement by Malawi Government signed by the Minister of Information and Communications Technology Henry Mussa, no Malawian has died due to the violence.

South Africans are attacking foreigners

Mussa in the statement says that Government is doing everything that is possible to secure the safety and welfare of all our citizens.

For instance, Malawi Mission in South Africa has already been assigned visiting the affected Malawians and has engaged South Africans authorities to guarantee the safety to Malawians living in South Africa.

“Our Mission is also consulting on voluntary return of 105 Malawians who will be sponsored by the International Organization for Migration (IOM),” says the statement.

South African nationalities are pointing at African foreigners living in that country for fueling unemployment rate among South Africans a factor that has enforced them to embark on the barbaric act.

The attacks have been taking place mainly in Durban since 25th March 2019.

African countries have condemned the violence saying they are a thorn to the relations South Africa is in with other African nations.

The attacks have resulted to people in some African countries like Mozambique reacting by stoning any vehicle having South African number plate passing in that country.



  1. If all these other African countries decide to turn violent and start an eye to eye affair,burning,looting SA companies and assets,beating South Africans in their countries,what are we going to call that?

  2. You know what Mabuti,FUCK YOU & grow up.R u white or supreme or blind?”our” country?Uzonya when S.A becomes a poor Zimbabwe/Malawi and you have to know the route somewhere else to make a living.Khula

  3. Everytime they talk about foreigners I turn to madness..I can hardly eat or sleep..this people-foreigners the know the route the used to come in..nobody is forcing them to stay in our country.. I m saying the go back

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