Aspirants in May elections intensify campaign

Days after the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) officially opened campaign period for the forthcoming tripartite elections, various political parties have gone flat-out on the ground unpacking their manifestos, making promises and articulating a diverse range of issues all in a quest to woo the electorate.

Aspiring Member of Parliament for Balaka Central East constituency Judith Laja recently stormed the constituency with whistle-stop tours aimed at interacting with the people and also discussing with them on the problems rocking the area.

UDF aspirant Laja

Speaking at Ngwangwa primary school ground, the shadow legislator assured the gathering that once ushered into power she will implement and fulfill a number of development projects.

She cited enhanced provision of clean and potable drinking water in the constituency as one of the priority within priorities.

“As you know that some parts of this area has piped water but once the taps have run dry of water, people find it difficult in accessing safe water. They even travel long distances to access a borehole. As a result, they are forced to fetch water from unsafe sources hence putting their lives at a risk of water-borne diseases,” Laja said.

She reminded the people that it’s only healthy people who can contribute to the development of a society and the country as a whole hence she will make sure that boreholes are evenly spread so that people don’t walk long distances in pursuit of safe the precious commodity.

The shadow parliamentarian has so far renovated a number of boreholes that broke down and were out of use.

During the same meeting, Laja promised to fund the construction of Kafisi Bridge that was washed away due to the recent heavy downpour.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24, she appealed to the people not to be influenced by bad mouthed politicians but rather listen to only those articulating how to solve various challenges people are facing.

“It’s sad that some politicians are busy planning on castigating their contenders instead of offering solutions to people’s needs. In my case, I am ready to conduct an issue based campaign and people will judge me accordingly,” She explained.

Laja was declared parliamentary torch bearer for the United Democratic Front in Balaka Central East constituency after defeating former legislator for the area Yaumi Aufi Mpaweni in the primary elections.

It is on record that the constituency maintains a UDF parliamentarian since the first multiparty elections in 1994.