NICE to conduct political debates for MPs and councillors


As the campaign period hits a boiling point, the National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) plans to conduct political debates for parliamentary and local government aspirants in all constituencies and wards.

NICE made this revelation during a Multiparty Liaison Committee (MPLC) meeting Lilongwe District organized.

Kalanje says all ready for political debates for MPs and Councillors

Speaking at the meeting in Lilongwe, Acting District Civic Education Officer Rittah Kalanje said that the debates are crucial as they give candidates an opportunity to articulate their policies to potential voters.

“We want aspiring candidates to articulate their policies to the people who will vote for them so that is why we decided to organize these debates,” said Kalanje.

She also disclosed that the debates will be held at Traditional Authority level in all constituencies and those for councillors will be conducted at Area Development Committees on dates to be announced soon.

Commenting on the matter, independent shadow MP for Lilongwe South East, Allidah Naphiri Nyanga welcomed the development.

“This is a chance  for all of aspiring candidates to come together and tell people their development projects on uneven field and I am happy about this as it will enable us to reach out to a wider audience and also preach unity together as you know despite our political differences but we are all Malawians,” said Nyanga

Meanwhile, Lilongwe District Commissioner who is also chairperson of the MPLC, Lawford Palani has since urged all political parties to practice issue based politics and desist from castigating each other during the campaign period.