Chilima funded APAM demos – Mutharika


President Peter Mutharika has accused Vice President Saulos Chilima of funding the protests which Association of Persons with Albinism (APAM) organised last week in order to get power through the backdoor.

Persons with albinism protesting last week

Mutharika made the claim today during the swearing-in ceremony for the commission of inquiry on the attacks, abductions and killings of persons with albinism.

According to Mutharika, Chilima’s plan is to destabilise the government using protests.

“We have heard from credible sources that Dr. Saulos Chilima is funding APAM in order to engage in anti-Government activities. Chilima’s wishful dream is to destabilise my Government and hopes to come into power through the backdoor by using people with albinism,” Mutharika said.

He also accused UTM Director of Youth Bon Kalindo of persuading a prisoner to make a recording that claimed that Mutharika is involved in the killings of persons with albinism

“We now have witnesses who are testifying that one UTM member, Mr. Bon Kalindo, connived with one prisoner in order to create a recording that formulates an impression that I was involved in the events we are complaining about. This malicious recording was circulated on social media with that malicious intent,” Mutharika said.

In his speech, the Malawi leader attacked Malawi Congress Party president Lazarus Chakwera for promising to end the attacks against persons with albinism if he (Chakwera) gets elected in May.

Mutharika said Chakwera should end the attacks now so that persons with albinism should stop suffering.

“Reverend Lazarus Chakwera suggested to Malawians that he knows who is abducting and killing persons with albinism. This statement is on record for history to remember.

“But this politician said he wants to be voted into power first in order to end the suffering of our brothers and sisters, our mothers, fathers and children with albinism.

“Why not give the information now so that we can stop the suffering of our brothers and sisters with albinis m? Obviously, this man Chakwera is a liar and an opportunist. He has no solution to the suffering of people living with albinism,” Mutharika said.



  1. Many people including I listenened to Chakwera’s speech. He did not say he knew who the albino abductors/ killers were. He said as president and as commander in chief, he would use his security (army, police, etc) to find the killers and bring them to book within a month, unlike Peter Mutharika who is failing to effectively use them. At the moment he cannot command the police because he os not in power. He called Mutharika a coward for failing to effectively use the security personnel when he is currently the commander in chief. The president has twisted the story to cover his own failures and has used it as a campaign tool. Indeed what is on record is what Chakwera said on that day and what we as a nation heard and not what president Peter Mutharika is claiming Chakwera said.

  2. Mr President mukuyankhula zoona munthu wazeru sangati ndikudziwa katetezedwe kake ka albino koma mundivotere Kaye pomwe kwatsala 2 months kut anthu avote nde pa 2 months imeneyi sangateteze albino , chakwera is liar ndipo ndi fiti.komabe ngakhale zili choncho mulungu ndiyemwe adzasankhe munthu wachilungamo and dpp sangayisiye ikulowaso boma.

  3. Good we have the commission of inquiry but it doesn’t pleases me because the composition is not complete. People expected those with exprtise in investigating criminal issues like CIDs to be incorporated including expatriates who know such kind of investigations. If the president himself is doubting the ability of his commission, what more with me?

  4. Why Commission of inquiry they will do what, how many commission of inquiries have so far achieved a positive results. This is a waste of time,energy and taxi payers money and diverting peoples minds, why the president refused to receive petition. Chakwela is not a national president to end this on your behalf Prof APM you’re on driving seat unless you tell Malawians that you have failed then Chakwera will take over and end these.

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