Pastor urges electorate to vote for sense


Pentecost International Christian Centre (PICC) Senior Pastor Esau Banda has warned electorate to vote for sense ahead of the 21 May Tripartite Elections.

The Pastor made the call during his weekday 30 minute program called Hope of Glory which airs on various radio stations including national broadcaster MBC radio 1 among others.

Banda said: “The truth of the matter is that some politicians are crooks and thieves. Let’s us call a spade a spade. Some of the political leaders including aspiring candidates ahead of the elections have nepotism and tribalism tendencies and don’t have heart for the people.

“Some of the indicators of good political leaders are peaceful; they don’t have time to castigate others on the podium. They discuss issue based campaign. They discuss sense and what they will deliver once gets elected. Don’t vote someone because he has given you a packet of sugar. Ask yourself, why giving a party t-shirt when they haven’t delivered any tangible development. It’s not correct, it’s like bait. Don’t be used,” he said.

The Pastor further said people who have registered should not be coaxed by material things at the expense of their vote, saying that it is their right and asking to pray for God guidance during the process.

“Don’t vote for president candidate simply he comes from your area. Don’t vote on tribal lines rather than articulate problems and solutions. Assess them and be wise enough to avoid being duped,” he said.

Pastor Esau Banda is an overseer and Senior Pastor of Pentecost International Christian Centre, Lilongwe and other branches.