Phalombe awards outstanding health personnel


Phalombe district health office has awarded some outstanding employees for their good performance when executing their duties in 2017/2018 fiscal year.

These best performers received their awards on Friday morning in full view and ululation of council members during the full council meeting.

Phalombe District Health Officer (DHO), Ketwin Kondowe, after the occasion said these awards have been helpful as most of the staff members are now working hard when carrying out their duties.

He revealed in an interview with Malawi24 that there are requirements that one needs to fulfil to receive these awards and that those that perform poorly usually are called for the disciplinary hearing so that they should improve.

“It is one of our operational arrangements to recognise those that perform according to our expectation, in the ministry of health as well as district council we strongly emphasize accountability in terms of one’s performance.

“We look on several areas such as strong work ethics which setting and achieving goals, positive attitude towards our clients and patients, similarly self-motivation we don’t have everything and then we look for employees who can work with little direction and limited resources, these are some of the criteria,” said Kondowe.

Jack Chiotcha, a Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA) at Njalo Island which is on the Lake Chirwa emerged the best out of all the HSAs who are in the district and he said that the secret for his success has been hard work.
“I am very happy that I’ve been chosen the best HSA, I think hard working is what has made me to go with home with this award,” he said.

Chiotcha added that as HSAs they meet a lot of challenges but they persist and he encouraged his colleagues to put aside these challenges and focus so that they should also one day take home this award.

Others who got awards are Kelvin Kapombo and Patricia Pelani who were the best nurse and clinician respectively whereas Kesten Misiri was awarded as the best driver.