Running mate position gives North Malawi hope – Mwenifumbo


Alliance for Democracy (AFORD) Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Constituency who is also running mate for United Democratic Front (UDF) leader Atupele Muluzi, Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo has said his appointment as running mate means there is hope that one day a northerner will rule this country.

Mwenifumbo who was speaking to the media on Saturday 16th February, 2019 after a rally he held in Chitipa district at CCAP hall, said his appointment is a joy for every northerner which gives them hope for the future president from the northern land.

Atupele and Mwenifumbo:

“What Atupele has done to me has transcended all tribalism that has been devilling the north, it is giving me hope that myself or anyone from our region will run this country, he (Atupele) has done what most party leaders has failed recently,” applauded Mwenifumbo.

As a token of appreciation, Mwenifumbo said he will urge all the northerners to vote for Atupele saying he is the only youngest president to be of this nation who has high human dignity and integrity with no politics of regionalism and tribalism.

However, political commentator Emily Mkamanga said Mwenifumbo’s sentiments are just a campaign move for people from the Northern Region to vote for Atupele on presidential ticket.

“It does not take someone to be a running mate to become a president, only determination and hard work for what one wants, one can become a president even without being a running mate before, it is just a propaganda to UDF.” Argued Mkamanga.