Joyce Banda: Chilima approached me in September

Joyce Banda

Details are emerging showing Vice President Saulos Chilima built UTM’s alliance with former President Joyce Banda and her People’s Party (PP) on deceit.

Banda’s PP together with two other parties announced an alliance with UTM on Friday last week but the alliance fell apart on Monday.

Joyce Banda
Banda: Alliance was not based on mutual respect

In a Facebook post yesterday, Banda revealed that the two parties held negotiations for several months after Chilima approached the former Malawi leader in September.

According to the Banda, she agreed to form a coalition with UTM because it would allow her to step aside as Presidential Candidate while reinforcing her party.

She added that Chilima offered the PP a 50/50 structure from the Presidency all the way down but after the deal was sealed the vice president refused to meet certain terms of the agreement.

“When it became obvious that this part of the deal could not be respected, PP members felt it would be dangerous to enter a working relationship not based on mutual respect and keeping promises.

“Refusal to have my party represented in the Presidency has been viewed by my members as unjust, and a violation of the initial pledge,” Banda said.

According to reports, Banda wanted her son Roy Kachale to become Chilima’s runningmate but the UTM leader chose Micheal Usi who is a member of his party.

On Tuesday, Banda presented her nomination papers to the Malawi Electoral Commission and announced Dr Jerry Jana as her runningmate.

In the Facebook post Thursday, Banda said it is her calling to serve Malawi and vowed to fight for the rights and prosperity of all Malawians.

She said:  “My people have called upon me to continue fighting for them, and as such, I am proud to have presented my nomination papers to contest in the May 2019 Presidential elections, alongside my running mate Dr Jerry Jana. It is my calling to serve my country and vow to fight for the rights and prosperity of all Malawians.”

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  1. Munayamba kufunsirana September. Ukwati munagwirizira week yatha Friday by Monday banja latha. Kkkkkk. Koma zilikooo.

  2. You just told us through BBC that you are now too old to serve as president. Have you become younger now? Is it only through presidency that you can serve Malawians? Useless.

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