‘Mizikiti ichoke, nyama ya nkhumba idyedwe’ singer angers Malawians


… police promises speedy action

A ‘disturbing’ song by an artist under the name Mesho from Phalombe district has angered Malawians and police have intervened by promising to swiftly act on the matter.

In the track which is seven minute and 26 second long, the singer calls for the elimination of mosques from Malawian land so that people should be able to consume pork, a meat which is deemed as unclean among the Muslim community.

The singer has also attacked Christianity in which he lobbies for the removal of Seventh Day churches so that people can freely eat Mlamba (catfish) which is also unclean among the Seventh Day congregants.

Meanwhile, National Police spokesperson, James Kadadzera, has appealed for calm among Malawians as the law enforcers are working on the matter.

“This song has the probability of instigating violence among religious sects. Police is following up the matter with speed,” explained Kadadzera.

This development follows another incident in which another singer, Chavura, produced a song titled “Nzakupanga Rape” in which he was vowing to rape a girl who has been denying to having sex with him.

The track which was released in 2018 also brought anger among Malawians and the artist was arrested for the disturbing track.



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  1. Religious hatred can not be celebrated. There is no church that moves in peoples homes to inspect what they are eating. Arrest this confused man to stop such madness.

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