Police punishes six officers over UTM shirts


Six police officers who received UTM T-shirts while on duty have been transferred from Lilongwe City to rural areas.

The six received UTM T-shirts from a motorists on Tuesday while they were at a checkpoint.

They are Inspector Machilex Mayikalanga, Sergeant Jenipher Nazombe, Constable Wisdom Chirwa, Constable Henry Chiru, Constable Rhoda Chikhasu and Constable Stanley Mlotha.

According to reports, the officers who were working at Kanengo Police Station were manning a checkpoint on Tuesday when a motorist arrived.

The officers stopped the vehicle but during their interaction the UTM member offered the cops his party’s T-shirts. The officers received the T-shirts and shared the UTM regalia among themselves.

Later, their bosses at Malawi Police Service were informed about the issue and they decided to punish the officers by transferring them to rural areas in Mzimba and Nkhata Bay.

According to the local media, Inspector Mayikalanga has been transferred to Kafukule, Constable Chirwa to Luwawa, Constable Chiru to Enfeni, Constable Chikhasu to Edingeni and Constable Mlotha to Luwawa, all in Mzimba district and Sergeant Nazombe to Chintheche in Nkhata Bay district.

In a related development, the police has also transferred five police officers from Linthipe in Dedza after the officers stopped a vehicle with the number plate ‘Ana A Dadi’ at roadblock