‘Rainwater harvesting is solution to Malawi water crisis’

When the hot season arrives in Malawi, water crisis hits the country affecting citizens mainly in rural set up who walk miles in search for life, water.

It is also difficult to practise irrigation farming during the hot season as most of the sources of water are dried.

Nthara: Rainwater harvesting is a solution

Citizens in rural areas of Malawi spend hours waiting for water from boreholes as levels of water underground also go low.

The hustle for water during summer could end through harvesting rain. Malawi loses a lot of water that is left running down into Oceans without being harvested.

Chairperson for Rains Harvesting Association in Malawi McPherson Nthara expressed worry on the water that is lost during rainy season.

“The practise is viable in Malawi considering the high rainfall intensities that we get in Malawi but much of it goes to waste. Water challenges are rampant both in rural and urban areas. We have the areas that can collect rainwater but are not being put into use,” said Nthara.

Nthara added that having water tanks that hold up to 400,000 litres can be ideal to many people in the country.

He explained further that people can use local ways of harvesting rainwater through diverging water into the fields where there are pits.

Climate change and population boom has put enormous pressure on availability of water hence harvesting rain water is ideal for the citizens of Malawi.