Chakwera tells Mutharika to free Kalindo


Leader of Opposition Lazarus Chakwera has demanded the release of UTM legislator Bon Kalindo saying no amount of arrests will stop Malawians from firing President Peter Mutharika in May.

Kalindo who is Member of Parliament for Mulanje South was arrested Thursday in Lilongwe for leading youths in anti-Mutharika chants on Sunday in Balaka.

In a statement today, Chakwera has condemned the arrest saying no Malawian should be arrested for expressing how they feel about the “illogical conduct” of Mutharika’s “failed” government.

“In fact, whatever unjust law is cited to empower such a ludicrous idea is equally primitive, unacceptable, and stupid, and will thus be repealed by my government,” Chakwera says in the statement.

The Malawi Congress Party president has also accused Mutharika of having no respect for Malawians, lawmakers, or police officers noting that the Mutharika administration has been arresting people on trumped charges for years while abusing the powers of the president and Malawians’ democratic rights.

“And now having turned Malawi into a lawless state in which those who speak their minds are arrested while those who steal our taxes walk free, every Malawian can see with their own eyes that Mutharika has never been fit to govern,” Chakwera says in the statement.



  1. Well said. Soon, when the president becomes ex-president, he will account for all he has done. Be assure of that because God never fails! Praying for my country.

  2. It’s not His Excellency who arrest WINIKO but it’s the law it self.Mukanakhala inuyo a Chasika mukasintha malamulo kuti asamangidwe?mesa tikanangomva kuti mwamusowesa kukamponya ku ng’ona yanu ija a MCP

  3. Silly Chakwera. How can the whole leader of opposition promote lawlessness? The law is very clear: you don’t demonstrate at a Police Station. Kalindo actually led the singers in insulting the president. This warning has been coming many times: you don’t insult the president. What kind of law maker do we have in Chakwera?

  4. When they say politic is a dirty game they mean it .
    Vote for Almighty God on this coming elections ,not to vote for those idiots who will always disappoint you

  5. Chipongwe chomwecho ndiye chimene mudzaluzire masankho. Chilima ananena kale kuti MCP siingawine, ndiye lero mudzitiuza :my government will bla bla bla” Ukusuta kanundu wake uti?

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