Boys find gun in bush


Police at Nchalo in Chikwawa are keeping a gun that was found in a bush by local boys who were playing football.

The rifle suspected to be an AK 47 was found without a magazine and ammunition.

The weapon was found by a group of boys who were playing football along an estate canal some metres away from Malemia Village under Paramount Chief Lundu.

According to spokesperson  for Chikwawa Police Station Foster Benjamin, in the course of the match, a ball zoomed out of touch heading into the bush.

Benjamin added that one player rushed to collect the ball and found a suspicious looking fertilizer bag covered with some thorns.

“The boy alerted his playmates and opened the bag before discovering a firearm muzzle with some rags around it,” he explained.

Later, the boys informed Village Head Malemia, who, in turn, tipped off the police who rushed to the scene.

The law enforcers observed that the firearm was rusty though well-oiled and supported by an improvised wooden butt and hand guard.

Meanwhile, investigations are underway to trace the owner of the rifle.

The police are therefore warning the public not to play with objects suspected to be firearms or explosives to avoid loss of life or permanent disfigurement.

The law enforcers are also appealing to community members to tip the police about any suspected criminals.