PP primary elections start Monday


The former ruling People’s Party (PP) says its primary elections will start on Monday, 7th January.

According to a statement released by the party’s spokesperson Ackson Kalaile, the polls will end on 15th January.

It adds that the party will contest in 165 of the country’s 193 constituencies as well as in 330 wards during the 2019 Tripartite elections.

The party has since urged people who want to contest in the primary polls to present themselves to the party.

Speaking earlier with the local media, Kalaile promised that the elections will be free and fair as the party will not allow aspirants to bribe delegates with money in order to vote for them.

Banda added that voters are supposed to vote for the people who deserve the positions.

“We will not allow anyone to bribe voters, People’s Party will conduct fair elections come rain or sunshine,” he said.

The Democratic Progressive Party and the Malawi Congress Party are the only parties that have already conducted primary polls in many parts of the country.

Primary elections for the newly formed UTM are expected to be conducted tomorrow in all constituencies in the country.