Malawi Police vow to track down killers of man with albinism

Albinos Malawi

The Malawi Police Service have promised to track down thugs who killed a man with albinism in Nkhata-Bay on New Year’s Eve.

In a statement released today signed by National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera, the law enforcers say they will track down perpetrators of the heinous crime and bring them to book.

On Monday at around 10pm, thugs brutally murdered a person with albinism, Yasin Phiri aged 54, at his home at Kande in Nkhata-Bay.

Phiri’s 9 year old son was in the house at the time and he witnessed the murder.

Police have since called upon people around Kande area to quickly report to police any suspicious people that they might have seen around the time of the gruesome murder.

“The Inspector General also assures all Malawians that the Malawi Police Service will do everything within its powers to ensure that the senseless killing of people with albinism comes to an end,” says the statement.

The police have also condemned, in strongest terms, the killing of Phiri.

They have noted that the barbaric killing follows another heart-breaking murder in Machinga of McDonald Masambuka whose suspects are appearing in court.

“After the killing of Masambuka on 9th March 2018, we experienced a period of calm and we hoped that those perpetrating the killing of people living with albinism had realized that their superstitious beliefs were primitive.

“However the Kande murder shows that we still have unpatriotic and barbaric people with backward superstitious belief that albino tissues may be used for wealth creating rituals. This thinking is not only myopic but uncalled for in the modern world,” the statement says.