Teenager killed over mangoes


A 50-year-old man in Nkhata Bay has killed a 16 year-old boy over mangoes.

The young man identified as Frank Banda was brutally murdered near Chintheche Trading Centre on Friday.

Police said the boy on Friday evening was coming from Chintheche Trading Centre going to his home alongside his three friends.

On the way home they agreed to pluck some mangoes from trees along the road.

Later after plucking the mangoes, as they were proceeding with their journey, they met the suspect Steve Kekana Mkandawire who accused them of damaging the mango fruits.

A quarrel arose and in the course of fighting, Mkandawire produced a knife and stabbed the deceased on the chest.

The teenager died on the spot.

Upon receiving reports, Nkhata Bay police visited the scene and took the body to Nkhata Bay District Hospital.

Postmortem conducted at the hospital revealed that the boy died due to excessive loss of blood secondary to deep cut wound.

Mkandawire was later arrested. He is now in police custody pending trial.

He comes from Mtepelera village, TA Malanda while Frank Banda the deceased was from Wanja village TA Malanda, in Nkhatabay district.