Govt failing to pay interns

Malawi: The Dangers of Unbonded Contracts

Interns recruited under the K5 billion Graduate Internship Programme have complained of not getting paid.

Malawi Government recruited over 2200 youths in two phases in September and November this year.

The interns were promised a monthly stipend of K80,000 but some interns have not been given this monthly stipend since being recruited.

According to one of the interns, many interns under the first phase only received their stipends for the first month of September.

“In September, all first phase interns were not given monthly stipends but in the month of October my friends were given K160,000 for the month of September and October, while some were just given K80,000 meaning they only received for the month of October only.

“I and other interns received   nothing. We went  to the ministry  of labour to complain and they told us to give them our account  numbers  and that we will receive  our stipends  for months  we didn’t receive together  with    November’s  salary  making it K240,000 but up to day we have not received  our stipends,” said the intern .

Another intern of second phase also complained of not receiving her stipend for November and December.

“We are very worried with this, they are not giving us our monthly stipends yet we need money for transport. We are pleading with the Minister of Labour to talk the civil servants working in the Ministry of Labour to take this matter seriously and give us our stipends

Earlier this month, government accused interns absconding work for more than three consecutive days without informing his ministry

The ministry warned that it will terminate contracts of interns who abscond work.

The Graduate Internship Program is being implemented by the Ministry of Labour and places graduates in different ministries and departments for 10 months to gain experience.