‘We need more’: Chilima not happy with Malawi fuel price reduction

Malawi fuel prices up

Malawi Vice President who is also the leader of UTM Saulos Chilima has expressed dissatisfaction over the recent fuel price reduction.

Speaking during a rally at Masangano ground, traditional authority Kalumo in Ntchisi, Chilima said the cuts in the fuel price is just too little and does not match on the global market.

Chilima further said that the prices has gone down because he has been pushing for the reduction when the prices went up.

“They have reduced the prices because we were against the hike and we were pushing for the reduction, however, the reduction is too minimal that we are still not catching up on the global market,” said Chilima.

He said it is his wish to see the prices going down further than it is now.

According to the revised prices, diesel is now selling at K949.60 from K990.40 per litre and Petrol is now at K923.50 from K990.30 per litre while paraffin will be selling at K781.80 from K785.00 per litre.

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Chilima further said that he has got people’s welfare at heart as witnessed by how government is currently rushing into implementing what is in UTM’s manifesto.

He said the elderly fund and free  education was the brainchild of UTM though the government is busy claiming that the plans were already there.

Chilima wondered as to why the government is busy implementing the policies now and in such a hurry if the plans were already there.

“Where were they all this time to implement the policies now because as it is they are doing things in a hurry,” he said.

Chilima then expressed optimism that come May 2019 he will be the president of the republic of  Malawi.

Chilima said that soon after the party’s convention which is expected to  take place on Monday 17th December, the elected national governing body will start strategizing on how people will be ferried to the inauguration ceremony come May 22, 2019.

UTM General Secretary, Patricia Kaliati echoed Chilima’s sentiments saying that the government is busy copying and implementing UTMs ideas.

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  1. Now tell the nation that you will donate desks in all schools in malawi so agwape amenewa apeleke ma madesk ma school. 95% of malawian kids are learning and write exams in horrible places when the Gvnt is there misusing money. Now this is the time to pressure them to do the tusks before they go!

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