Chilima to the rescue: donates K1 million to Queens

Saulos Chilima

Malawi Vice President Saulos Chilima has donated K1 million to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital to facilitate CT scans for patients with brains conditions at the hospital.

Chilima’s gesture is a response to a crisis brought to the general public through a social media plea for assistance by concerned doctors in the Neurosurgery Unit at Queens.

Specialist Neurosurgeon Dr Patrick Kamalo issued the crisis statement asking for financial assistance to enable them do brain scans for several poor patients at Mwaiwathu Hospital since the MRI machine at Queens is not working due to a problem with air conditioning.

He said the hospital was scanning patients at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital but was later stopped from using the private hospital because of arrears.

“Now I am stuck with patients, whose survival depends on whether they will get a scan or not. Some of these are road accident victims, others are children. A plain CT brain scan costs about K81, 000.00 at Mwaiwathu.

“Some need one which costs K129, 000. A few patients have been paying for themselves but obviously most can’t. Any help to save these lives will be appreciated. You can do whatever you want with this message I will take full responsibility,” Dr Kamalo said.

In response to the call for help, Chilima donated K1 million to the unit to help serve the poor who had no money to go for the required treatment.

Reacting to the assistance, Kamalo said it was timely and thanked Chilima saying the money will enable them scan the 9 remaining patients.

“The Neurosurgery Unit at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital would like to thank you Right Honorable Vice President of the Republic of Malawi for the timely response to a social media appeal aimed at raising fund to facilitate urgent CT brain scans at Mwaiwathu private hospital,” said Kamalo.

The Specialist Neurosurgeon added that they are hoping that the situation will be resolved very soon.

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