Malawian professor killed for exposing fake PhD syndicate

professor Gregory Kamwendo

A Malawian professor in South Africa was killed for uncovering a syndicate that was issuing fraudulent PhDs at his university.

professor Gregory Kamwendo
Kamwendo: was killed in May

Gregory Kamwendo aged 53, who was a professor at the University of Zululand (Unizulu) in South Africa was shot to death outside his home in May.

According to media reports in South Africa, Kamwendo found out that some of his colleagues were involved in a syndicate issuing fraudulent PhD at the university where he was also Dean of the faculty of arts at the university.

Last week, Police arrested two suspects including a lecture at Unizulu.

Reports show that the lecturer who was arrested in connection with Kamwendo’s murder admitted paying an assassin R10,000 to kill the Malawian professor.

At the time Kamwendo was gunned down, the arrested staff member was on suspension for his role in the issuing of fake PhDs

Two other university academic staff members were also reportedly involved in the syndicate which saw students being granted fraudulent PhDs.

“Kamwendo had been fighting the corruption and that death threats had been made to the professor prior to his murder,” a South African newspaper reported.

Kamwendo was previously a lecturer at University of Malawi, University of Botswana and University of KwaZulu Natal.


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