Interns disappoint govt


Malawi Government has expressed disappointment with interns who are absconding work or quitting without informing their bosses.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development Joseph Mwandidya expressed the concern in a letter to principal secretaries and heads of institutions hosting interns dated 26th November, 2018.

He noted that some interns have been absent from work for more than three consecutive days since being hired while some have quit without informing his ministry.

The ministry has advised institutions to report interns who do not report to work for three consecutive days so that their contracts should be terminated.

Institutions and government departments hosting interns have also been told to report interns who quit saying failure to do so is an offence.

“Any workplace which will be found to have not reported when interns do not come to work regularly and when interns quit will be considered accomplice to the malpractice and will be asked to pay back the monthly allowance paid to the intern for the period he/she was not at work, especially for those who have quit without notification,” says Mwandidya in the letter.

Mwandidya has since encouraged hosting institutions and government department to give work to the interns so that they should not be loafing.

The Graduate Internship Program is being implemented by government and aims at providing graduates aged below 35 years to gain experience.




  1. Ingothetsani program yo mutenge ma allowance atsalawo mukapangire campaign… mwandinyasa kwambiri

  2. Are you kidding me? Do you realise that the last time you paid us was in October? And you expect 80k to be used for 2 months…we are talking of taking 2 buses everyday to work and lunch. Why are not talking of withdrawing field allowances which you share amongst yourselves without going to the actual field, how about the meeting allowances?..and youre here having the audacity of of talking trash about the interns. Dont forget that most of you are not literate compared to these interns, ntchito munangolowera ma link, ur not smart. Thats what happens when you create a politically motivated internship without a proper planning. Tikulemerani mpakana June woooooh, sitizakuvoteransoni.

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