Gwamba`s weight loss ignites beef with Third Eye


Another cold war zone has been established in the country`s entertainment industry as musicians Gwamba and Third Eye are trading jabs.

The foundation of it all is the gospel musician`s weight loss. A few weeks ago, the Better hit maker showed the world his slim self, in the aftermath of rigorous gym activity.

However, some quarters have alluded other causes to Gwamba`s weight loss. They suspect the award winning good news rapper Duncan Gwamba Zgambo’s slim body of being due to other reasons such as sickness.

Third Eye whose real name is Mandela Mwanza has joined the bandwagon of those who have other thoughts. Yesterday, he made fun of his ex-label mate`s weight loss on Facebook.

“Guys Ndithandizeni. Ndakhala ndikuvaya ku gym olo mutawona umboni pa Instagram panga ma pic mbwee daily koma molomoti ndipanzike ngati a ichocho ndangoonda ngati a akoko. (guys help me, I have been going to the gym but am getting the opposite of the desired outcome) reads part of Mwanza`s post.

Gwamba commented in reaction: “34 year old rasta boy who stays with his mum in Area 12.”


Prior to this reaction, the South African based musician fired shots at his critics for their failure to produce hit songs when he was busy in the gym, and now his weight loss is trending more than their songs.





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