Suppliers have messed up FISP – Chiefs

Subsidy Programme

Traditional leaders have accused suppliers in the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (FISP) of messing up the program.

Speaking with Malawi24, Traditional Authority Inkosi Makwangwala of Ntcheu said suppliers are not delivering fertilizer and seeds in remote areas as agreed.

He added that some FISP beneficiaries are ending up selling their coupons because they cannot travel to Ntcheu Boma to buy farm inputs.

“This is retrogressive and could lead to hunger in the country yet the government allocate reliable agricultural resources to the people,” the chief said.

Following concerns by beneficiaries and chiefs, Ntcheu Council members summoned suppliers such as Chipiku, Optichem (2000) Ltd, Paramount Holdings Ltd, Agola Ltd and NASFAM.

The suppliers said most of the roads in the district are in bad shape and they found it difficult to transport the farm inputs from the boma to various villagers.

The chiefs also expressed concern that some beneficiaries are not given coupons when the name of the beneficiary and corresponding ID number do not match the number on the beneficiaries’ ID.

Traditional Authority Champiti told the Ntcheu Council members to include chiefs in the FISP programme because chiefs are in a position to recognise the beneficiaries.