Airtel gives K1 million to 26th winner


Airtel Malawi during the week handed a cheque to the 26th one million Kwacha winner in the Bandulo Bandulo promotion.

Airtel’s Senior Zone Business Manager, Leslie Tsilizani gave the prize to Memory Mhone, 25, who is a lab technician at Comfort community hospital in Balaka district and the 26th person to receive a K1 million prize in Bandulo promotion.

Tsilizani said they are only remaining with two more lucky customers to win a similar prize and the draw will be conducted on Monday.

“Well, the promotion is progressing well and we are experiencing tremendous outcome and as the promotion moves towards its end we believe customers have enjoyed it throughout.

“So far we have given these K1 million to 26 local customers from Malawi’s 26 districts and we are remaining with two more winners and for sure they will be from Neno and Mulanje since those are the only districts remaining as per our planning,” Tsilizani told reporters.

He further urged Airtel customers from Mulanje, Neno and rest of the country to keep on buying bundles to a stand chances of winning the remaining K1 million and other prizes which include K10, 000 to 70 customers, Mi-Fi routers to 70 customers and K10, million grand prize to one luckiest customer.

Memory Mhone who was over the moon said she was so grateful to have won the money and encouraged her fellow Airtel customers to keep on buying more bundles.

“I am so delighted to have won the prize. Though I was aware of the promotion but I never expected to win this prize. First and foremost I will take a certain amount for tithing and then I will sit down and think of how I should spend the rest of the money,” said Memory.

Bandulo Bandulo promotion was launched on 15 August this year and will be concluded on December 5 where the luckiest Airtel customer will walk away with K10 million grand prize.