MOAM denies hiking minibus fares


Minibus Owners Association of Malawi (MOAM) has denied increasing minibus fares following the fuel price hike.

Following the fuel price hike on Thursday, a list of new minibus charges for Blantyre City routes circulated on social media.

However, in Mzuzu and Lilongwe the prices are yet to be adjusted upwards.

But according to Chairperson of MOAM Felix Mbonekera Msiska, the association is not aware of any fare hike.

Mbonekela Msiska: There is no fare hike

“The association is yet to release new minibus fares and we are distancing ourselves from the new fares circulating on social media. As an association we do things in a proper manner,” he said.

Msiska noted that every businessperson is free to charge the way they want but at the same time they may break the laws of the association.

He added that some minibus drivers also raise the fares without the owner’s advice and this tarnishes the association’s brand.

“The Government told us not to adjust fares but the fare can change in different ways. Sometimes we adjust fares because prices of spare parts and other materials are up or like last month, when fuel goes up,” he said.