Govt wants to steal money through fuel price hike – Chilima

Saulos Chilima

Vice President of the Republic of Malawi Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima says the Democratic Progressive Party  (DPP) government plans to steal money through the fuel hike effected on Thursday.

Chilima said this on Friday at Bishop in Mzuzu on his way to Karonga and Chitipa where he is going to hold political rallies.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima: Govt planning to steal

Chilima who is also UTM leader said his party is demanding the Peter Mutharika administration to lower the fuel prices.

“Government is planning to steal our money through fuel hike, how come the price of fuel in the world has gone down come from the price reduced down yet in Malawi the price is going up, it’s our rights to ask Government on this,” said Chilima.

He added that all money that Government uses to implement projects is money from the same Malawians hence government should not be neglecting some areas.

“It’s not good for the Government to deny development to people of Malawi because the money that they are using to build roads and other things are for Malawians through tax, we all pay equal tax and it doesn’t take someone to pay little just because he/she stays in Chitipa, no. We all pay tax and that tax is meant to develop our country,” he said.

He then assured party followers that UTM is ready to lead Malawi and he is confident of winning next year’s presidential elections.

In his remarks, Speaker of National Assembly Richard Msowoya said when the Vice President and the Speaker team up people should just know that the two know where the way is.

“Let me tell you my fellow Malawians that the only way to boot this Government is to vote for UTM, everywhere in the world if you see the Vice President and Speaker of National Assembly team up together just know that they know the way, that’s why I and Vice president teamed up to save this nation from these thieves,” said Msowoya.



  1. Ku France anthu dzana lapitali amapanga demo kuti mafuta akwela nde iwe wazilowesa ndale ngati kumalawi kokhako mafuta akwela boza basi sunafike powinatu olo utani kuli zaka 30 kuti uwine

  2. Iwe Chilima ndi wa boza nde kuti iwenso ndi wakuba coz ndiwe wachiwiri kwa msogoleli ukuziwapo kanthu za mafuta

  3. Educated or rather learned people are shown by their behaviours. Mr. Chilimas behaviour is very different.some elements of reasoning first is missing in him. Mr. Chilimas go read about scepticism in philosophy. It may help

  4. Then honourable Mr Chilima you thought development money where does it come from? ?????? I don’t do politics but development money comes from tax payers ( citizens ) of that particula country, if you receive a donation from another country it means you are using that particular country’s citizens money, this includes your salaries it’s from money.
    The issue of fuel price is global crisis due to the price of crude oil, unless otherwise if the country is producing oil you can get a cheaper price fuel.

  5. I also think like that. Pakuwoneka pali ka formula kena kake komwe boma lapangiraa zimenezi

  6. It is pointless fact. Fuel every where is up and just lucky South Africa got price down but raised bank rates to overcome finance related things GPD. Mr vice president it clear you, Patricia, and former first lady are very power hungry that I have hope you can do better. I would love vote for new blood if not then current president should go ahead. You are up now ghost employ of Malawi government taking tax money from poor people with chances.

  7. It’s not gone down every where, as long as we practice populist politics we should also try and genuine about our reasoning.
    Talk policies not politics
    Talk about your agenda not other people’s agenda
    UTM has potential to win therefore be honest about these issues rather than sugarcoating.

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