Malawian soldier was killed while saving Tanzanian counterpart


A Tanzanian soldier has sent a message of condolence for Private Chauncy Chitete who was killed while saving the Tanzanian in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

A message from the Tanzanian soldier whom Chitete saved was read during a military ceremony held today in Lilongwe.

Chitete: killed while saving fellow soldier

The wounded Tanzanian UN Peacekeeper who is at a hospital in Uganda says he is deeply saddened by the death of Private Chitete.

According to the message read at the ceremony, after Chitete noticed that the Tanzanian had been shot, he started dragging him to safety and that was when he (Chitete) was also shot and killed.

Five other Malawian soldiers and a Tanzanian soldier were also killed in DRC during the exchange of gunfire with rebels last week.

The remains of the six Malawian soldiers arrived today through Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe where the military ceremony was held.

Speaking during the funeral service, President Peter Mutharika who is also commander in-chief of the Malawi Army said Malawi has lost heroes of peace for Africa.

He added that Malawi is a peace-loving country because peace is a fundamental belief upon which the nation was founded.

The Malawi leader then declared that neither death nor the enemy will stop Malawians from being warriors for peace.

“Our heroes of peace died because we love peace more than war. We never sent our soldiers to wage war. We sent our soldiers to keep peace.

“Peace is a universal desire for mankind. Peace is a desirable condition of existence for all humans,” he said.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the soldiers have been taken to their respective homes for burial.



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