Tears of joy rain in Malawi: the boy who harnessed the wind goes to Netflix


The belief that Malawi`s creative industry is growing, is getting intense after local actors and actresses have been given an opportunity to shine at a global stage.

This is an exciting chapter of Chiwetel Ejiofor`s directorial debut the boy who harnessed the wind, a story which was partially written by Malawian Willian Kamkwamba.

The film which involves homegrown artists was last week nabbed by Netflix, global film marketing company, for distribution.

Ngoma: I almost choked with happiness

It has been revealed that the movie will launch in 2019 on Netflix and selected cinemas in the United Kingdom and United States of America. This, will expose further Malawian actors.

“I was drinking water by the time I came across the article and almost choked with happiness. A man from the poorest part of the world will now be on an international platform,” said the overjoyed Maxwell Ngoma who is part of the cast.

Ngoma plays Charity, William Kamkwamba`s cousin, and his support for the protagonist sees the idea of building a windmill coming to life. The passionate Malawian actor who is also part of Joyce Chavula Mhango`s Nyasaland, believes this is a signal of growth in the home movie industry.

“All I can say is that our industry is growing at a convincing pace, and if we join hands we can make it as bigger as other vibrant creative industries in the world,” he said.

Having attracted the British-Nigerian actor, it is highly expected that more iconic movie stars will come to Malawi for movie projects which will in the end elevate the country`s industry further.