Fake News! Eric Mabedi is not dead

Eric Jakobo Mabedi

Obnoxious! Vicious death rumours circulating on social media of veteran actor Eric Mabedi popularly known as Jakobo are false.

Malawi24 has reliably been informed that Mabedi is doing well as he is going through different medical tests in India where he traveled earlier this month for a kidney transplant.

Mabedi left through Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe alongside his wife, who will be the guardian and donor of the kidney.

Mabedi is undergoing treatment at BLK Hospital in New Delhi. It is said the whole procedure of his treatment will take more than 30 days to be completed.

Malawi government stepped in to help Mabedi after a Friends of Eric Mabedi movement sounded an SOS that the veteran actor needed K20 million to undergo the kidney transplant.

Mabedi is the director and producer for Kwathu Drama Group. He is also the President of the National Theatre Association of Malawi.

The comedian has been very influential to the Malawian entertainment sector and his acting life dates back to early 1990s.