Malawi Police condemned for selective justice, fueling political violence

With the 2019 tripartite election fast approaching, opposition parties have condemned the Malawi Police Service for failing to investigate violence cases and carrying out their duties selectively.

This was said by various opposition parties in the capital Lilongwe on Tuesday during the national Peace conference organized by the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) with an aim of mapping the way forward as to hold free and fair elections.

Patricia Kaliati
Kaliati: condemned the police

Raising the concern to all electoral stakeholders on the day, outspoken Hon Patricia Kaliati, MP of UTM said Malawi police has been failing to execute its duties fairly to the citizenry hence calling upon the service provider to consider non-selective justice.

Speaking to Malawi24, Kaliati said, the selective justice has a greater potential in causing serious violence come 2019 tripartite elections, a development which will tarnish the good reputation the country has of preserving peace.

She gave an example of how the police is sidelining crucial cases infringing the rights of other leaders in opposition such as the petrol bombing of a UTM vehicle ahead of a rally in Mangochi and an attack on Malawi Congress Party (MCP) supporters.

According to Kaliati, the investigations are just taking too long for justice to prevail.

“It is unfortunate to see the police favoring the ruling party and other duty bearers in serving justice, where others, we are feeling the pinch of being in an opposition side. This is unfair.” said Kaliati.

Concurring with Kaliati, Deputy Secretary General for MCP Catherine Gotani Hara called upon the Malawi Police to be vigilant in executing its duties.

Hara added that some people are living in fear in their own country and that raises questions if the police will provide its service in a fairly manner come 2019 tripartite elections.

But reacting to the fears, Deputy inspector General of police Davie Mwapasa called upon politicians to put justice first over their political parties and to be patriotic.

Mwapasa said there is lack of patience in some justice seekers and lack of knowledge on what happens when something has happened where investigations are supposed to take place which needs ample time to be accomplished.

He therefore assured Malawians of violence free elections in 2019 saying they have put in place mechanisms that will help to stop violence during the election process.

Among the participants were religious leaders, politicians, non-governmental organizations, government officials, police and traditional leaders.