Malawi power situation worsens


Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) says it is banking on rains to improve the electricity situation in the country as power producers are now generating around 216 megawatts (MW) against a demand of 351 MW.

Allexon Chiwaya-ESCOM
Chiwaya: banking on rains

At a press conference in Blantyre yesterday, Escom chief executive officer Alexon Chiwaya said low water levels on Lake Malawi have caused a reduction in electricity generation in the country leading to increased load shedding.

According to Chiwaya, the country’s hydro-power plants run by Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) are producing 177MW while diesel generators are providing 38.4MW.

The power supplier hopes rains will increase the water levels and improve the electricity situation. Escom is also expecting to import 20MW from Zambia through a power import agreement and to incorporate more independent power producers.

Normally, some areas of the country start receiving rains in early November which has not been the case this year.

Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development director of water resources Prince Mleta said the delayed onset of the rains is worrisome.



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  1. So why did ESCOM raise tarrifs in the last year? Is this not corruption?

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