‘It’s Ugly’! Malawians react to Flames replica jerseys


… “Even if it were going at K200 I wouldn’t buy it”…

Andrew Cane Chilapondwa sums up the sentiments of many Malawian soccer fans who say they will not fork out K20, 000 for the Flames new replica jerseys which is already on the market.

It’s a new jersey from a new designer after the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) parted ways with Umbro.

Players modelling the new kit

The FA did promise that prices for the new replicas would be affordable for average soccer fan.

However, days after the kit hit the market, football fans are unimpressed with the limited edition kit.

On social media, Robert Chiwamba of the “Flames Sidzamva” poem blasted FAM for the new replica jerseys.

“Koma zoona iyi ikakhale replica Jersey ya National Team Yathu? Kodi tinachimwila ndani tikapepese (Like seriously this is the replica of our national team? Whom have we offended so that we can go and apologize).”

His post attracted plenty of comments from his followers who responded by saying the jersey is too ugly for the K20, 000 price.

“Ine ndimaona ngati imeneyi ndi ya Angola (At first, I thought this is Angolan replica jersey,” commented Thoko Banda SC-Retired.

“Akudziwa kuti timangoluza nchifukwa chake apereka yonsasayi (They know that we are losers hence giving us thus ugly jersey),” responded Lucy Maggie Fumulani.

More Facebook comments followed as Malawians mocked the jerseys beyond the FA’s expectations.

“K15, 000 ndikataile pa uniform yonyasayi? Nde bola kukafatsa pa kaunjika ndikhonza kugula zochulukatu (So I should spend K15, 000 on this ugly uniform? I would rather use the money to buy second-hand clothes),” said one commenter.

“Ikuoneka ngati nsalu ya ma Taifa (It looks like a material from Taifa’s),” another one chipped in.

“Bola ya Puma yomwe ija koma iyiyi yanyanya, nde akuti mtengo ndi zingati? (Puma was better than this ugly brand, and how much are they selling?),” wondered Livna Ulombo Mngwanga.

“Olo atati K3000, sindingayerekeze kugula, ndiyonyasa (Even if they can sell it at K3000, I won’t buy this kit, it’s too ugly),” commented Van Bil-Al.

The interesting comment came from Benjamin Sinjani who said the new replicas looked like a hyena.

“Who proposed and designed this Fisi (hyena) like jersey? Say no to this jersey. Better Ya Puma or Addidas Ija (the Puma or the Adidas kits were better),” he responded.

Another commenter said: “The texture is horrible man…whoever gave the go ahead on this design has serious mental problems. Why would I want to wear an ugly jersey to the soccer stadium? Hell no.”

The Flames launched the new jersey during the defeats to Morocco and Cameron before officially unveiling it last month when they hosted the Indomitable Lions in the second leg of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.


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