Pastor Chris: We are not humans

Chris Oyakhilome

In today’s devotion, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founding president of Christ Embassy, says those who are believers are supernatural being. He says being born again graduates people into becoming Gods.

Below is a transcript of his devotion.

“Brothers and Sisters, I want you to understand. Don’t ever think again that we are humans. I want you to understand the graduation of revelation. I want you to understand that at a certain period, the Apostles thought they were humans. They thought so, when they tried to stop others from worshiping them.

“They said ‘look, we are humans like you’. No, this is where they were wrong.

“Their spirit was right. But their answer was wrong. Their humility was right. But their answer was wrong.

“They were supposed to say to them: ‘Don’t worship us. This is the message we have brought to you; that you also have the potentials to become Gods if you believe in Jesus’

“Because [those who were worshiping them] found out what [the apostles] really were. They said: ‘these are not humans, these are Gods in the form of men’. And [those people] were right”.

“I want you to understand that when you received Jesus into your life, it was not a religion you got. When you received Jesus into your life, you didn’t just become a follower. No!

“You are not what you call a believer.

“When you believe you receive something. You believe to become”

“We are indeed sons of God. That’s who we are. We are actually supernatural beings. He has made us exactly like himself. As He is, so are we in this world”

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