Group obtains injunction against Gandhi statue

A concerned group that is campaigning against the erection of a Mahatma Gandhi statue at Ginnery Corner in Blantyre has obtained an injunction against the project.

The group which is operating under the banner Gandhi Must Fall Movement, was granted the injunction yesterday at Blantyre high court by Judge Tembo.

Mahatma Gandhi
Site of the Gandhi statue

Spokesperson for the movement Pemphero Mphande was quoted as expressing satisfaction with the legal action in an interview with a local radio station.

He also wrote on Facebook: “We do it for Malawi and the future. Our country is not for sale. We will honour our own heroes.”

The court order comes a week after work at the statue site was put to a halt for an undisclosed reasons. However, it is believed that the government withdrew the project due to growing pressure from the citizenry.

Apparently, a majority of informed Malawians are against Gandhi`s statue, arguing it is an insult to the country`s heroes. They believe the Indian hero is not worth the honour in Africa due to racist remarks he made during his stay in South Africa many years ago.

However, the government maintains the Indian freedom was a global icon in its justification of the project.