Journalists clean up beach on Lake Malawi

European Union

Association of Environmental Journalists (AEJ) removed waste on a beach on Lake Malawi in Salima as a way of keeping the beach clean.

The exercise took place on Monday and also involved students from Salima Technical College, chiefs and European Union delegates.

European Union
The group that conducted the exercise

The Beach Clean-up Exercise was funded by the European Union.

Speaking after the exercise, European Union Ambassador Sandra Paesen encouraged the journalist, chiefs and students to continue carrying out similar exercises in order to keep the beach clean and hygienic.

Paesen said people should avoid littering around the beach saying the place is useful to the residents and the country as it a source of tourism as well as income through fishing.

“We should be the first ones to make sure that our beach is clean, let us embrace it by ensuring that we are managing our wastes, Salima is a beautiful place so let’s keep that in mind,” she said.

Speaking on the same, Chief Director in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy Mining Bright Kumwembe commended the district assembly for ensuring that proper measures are taken to make Salima a home of tourism.

Kumwembe said poor hygiene affects animals such as fish and also the health status of people.

EAJ President Mathews Malata thanked the journalists for being at the forefront saying their involvement showed that they are indeed concerned about the environment.

Before the exercise, people were refreshed by drama activities by Salima technical students.