Prophet Bushiri takes Jesus to India

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Prophet Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Shepherd Bushiri has taken his Global Prophetic Tour to India where he arrived on Thursday for a 2-day crusade.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Bushiri: Being welcomed upon arrival

India whose plan to erect a statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Malawi’s commercial city of Blantyre continues to face public opposition is dominated by Hindus and Muslims.

With a population of over 1.3 billion, only 2.3 percent are Christians, making Christianity a minority religion.

This has, however, not deterred the South African based televangelist who aims to win more souls over to Jesus Christ.

Malawian born Bushiri claims that he has already won over 2.5 million souls to Jesus through his Global Prophetic Tour.

Malawians against racist Gandhi’s statue

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri could be kicked out of South Africa



  1. You are right Sipho they must stop writing silly thing about our Prophet Bushiri

  2. Stop writing lies. Journalism is not about sensenalization of issues. Be true and write factual issues. I tell you, you are going to rip your reward very soon. God will punish you. Check your facts first and stop using my Prophet to sell your newsletters. Thank you for nothing.

  3. blasphamous topic, Jesus has never been taken anyway by prophet bushiri, as far as the Bible says. He is the Jesus for all the 7 Bn people of the world, he will not meet Bushiri and then let bushiri take HIM somewhere. Jesus will take Bushiri when He wants and not the other way round

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