Melania Trump arrives in Malawi tomorrow


United States First Lady Melania Trump will arrive in Malawi on Thursday for an official visit.

Trump is on a tour of four African countries; she was in Ghana on Tuesday and will also visit Kenya and Egypt.

Malawi’s First Lady Gertrude Mutharika is expected to welcome Trump. Mutharika will arrive in Malawi today from the US where she went to attend the United Nations General Assembly. However, President Peter Mutharika is not coming back together with the First Lady.

State House press officer Chikondi Juma told the local media that Trump’s visit will focus on promoting education and health.

“Issues to do with the welfare of children will take centre stage since the two first ladies have similar interests and passion for children,” said Juma.

When announcing the tour, Trump said she will visit four beautiful and different African countries.

She also said she will use the trip to find out how the US can continue working together with Malawi to support a USAid programme that is focussed on children’s education.

“In Malawi, USAID has demonstrated that education is one of the keys to combatting poverty and promoting prosperity. Their efforts aim to increase access to education, and work to ensure all children acquire the skills needed to succeed in school and life,” she said.

The First Lady’s visit comes months after US president Donald Trump was accused of racism when he called some countries shithole countries.