Two boys drown in stream


Two boys aged 16 and 15 have died after drowning in a stream in Kasungu district.

Police have identified the two as Joshua Banda and Gerald Manda. Drown

Kasungu Police spokesperson Namwaza said the incident occurred on Tuesday at around 12:00 hours at Gulumula village, T/A Kaluluma in the district.

Namwaza said Banda and Manda together with other two friends made an improvised raft from a banana stem and went to Msusu stream.

“After reaching the stream, the two threw the improvised raft into the stream and jumped on it,” he explained.

But the banana stem raft capsized and threw the two boys into the stream.

The two victims failed to swim out of the water body considering that they had no skills in swimming and they eventually drowned.

After seeing that their two friends had drowned, the two other boys rushed to the village to inform elders who immediately went to the stream to rescue the victims but they found them already dead.

Postmortem conducted showed that they died due to suffocation.

Police have since advised parents to closely watch their children and make sure that they do not go to such water bodies to play alone.

Banda and Manda hailed from Gulumula village, T/A Kaluluma in Kasungu district.