‘Neba ndikukuona’- Bullets, Wanderers fans guarding Kamuzu Stadium

Kamuzu Stadium

Government can claim to own Kamuzu Stadium but during the days leading up to the much anticipated Blantyre derby is when we see the real owners of the facility.

For the past 50 years, it has now been a normal trend that whenever Nyasa Big Bullets and Be Forward Wanderers are meeting a week-long vigil takes place at the stadium with the aim of stopping each other from planting ‘juju’ at the artificial turf.

Kamuzu Stadium
Kamuzu Stadium: Bullets and Wanderers fans guard the facility

Despite the stadium management pleading with the supporters from the two teams to stop the malpractice, the trend is refusing to die.

On Saturday, the two teams will face each other in what looks to be an exciting and enthralling encounter and the vigil has been taking place since Monday last week as bypassers were heavily questioned by the supporters as to why they are passing through the stadium instead of using normal roads.

On Friday afternoon, 24 hours before the clash, any bypasser within the stadium was forced to move out of the sight by the supporters who declared the area a no go zone until the derby was played.

The supporters spend their nights on the floor and they are not allowed to make any movement until the game is played.

“Neba, zakozo suika pa bwalori,” this is why the vigil takes place.



  1. BB will keep the unbeaten record today, woyeeeeeee

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  3. BBC beat will beat their Neba today

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