MBC goofs

State owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) has been caught lying and their goof has led to a storm media slam.

The media house has made the goof via its Facebook page. This was through a post that claimed government was underway with a construction of a dual carriage road from Mzuzu High court to Shoprite.

MBC has taken down the post.

The caption came along with a headline ‘Mzuzu City dual carriageway progressing well’.

But the social media hasn’t spared the mockery on MBC upon realizing the road in the picture is not anywhere in Malawi but in England. The road is A30 Chiverton Cross to Carland Cross road in England.

MBC has since taken down the post.

This comes at a time when the station is running purely propagandistic programming on television and radio. It has a special program called Sapita Kawiri. The program jibes the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) asking Malawians through a series of persuasive message to never vote for the MCP again.

MBC dubs the atrocities the MCP leadership over 30 years ago pressed on Malawians.

It has been a common practice for MBC to attack any critic of the ruling party. Debates about whether the media house should still be known as a public broadcaster and not a state broadcaster have over the years failed to cease.

2 thoughts on “MBC goofs

  1. Every on was a member of the mcp and we followed a different consitution ..until we voted for democracy changed the consistution.

  2. Yes MCP was known by oppressing people but it doesnt mean it can be like that forever because of the generational changes.Do you want to tell me that if you decide today to join the MCP,are you going to oppress people also?
    Leadership is about whats in your heart,any party when it gets into power it makes sure that it doesn’t lose that power easily.Opposition parties are dangerous because if they have failed to win majority they start ruining the winning partys reputation,they tell the country how bad the ruling party is.Those doing this is part of jelousy.
    The conclusion is that parties can remain oppressing people if the coming /joining generation is of oppressing mind.
    e.g.here in south africa the National Party was really oppressing people and it was the ruling party under Peter Botha but after peter Botha was out and they elected FW de Klerk and president was not an oppressing leader that is why he started negotiating with the leadership of the ANC to release Nelson Mandela and others because according to him,he did not see any wrong doing of those guys,so you can see that the heart of the leaders are the ones that oppresses and not actually the party itself.Therefore lets vote for good hearted leaders who have an element of Jesus’s disciples.

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