Man locked over circumcision


The Malawi police in Chikwawa have arrested a 23-year-old man for abducting and circumcising a standard 3 boy-child without the consent of his parents.

The district’s police public relations officer, Constable Foster Benjamin, identified the man as Symon Kayiya. He plies his trade as a traditional initiator locally known as a ngaliba.

“Kayiya coerced the victim with money to buy freezes. He then enticed the victim to accompany him to a nearby bush where, with two other accomplices, abducted and forcibly circumcised the victim”.

The boy, traumatized from the experience, was also forced to eat hot porridge which left him dehydrated and unconscious.

Kayiya was arrested when he was reported to the police by the victim’s parent. He had informed the victim’s parents about the matter.

However, his accomplices are at large.

2 thoughts on “Man locked over circumcision

  1. You can see how perverted circumcision is by the number of criminals and lunatics it attracts.

  2. Sickening. There’s something wrong with people that want to cut parts off people’s genitals.

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