Malawian students facing hell in India

Shimla University

Students from Malawi who are on scholarship programs at Shimla University in India have bemoaned the living conditions they are subjected to in the Asian nation.

The concerned students fear for their lives due to the harshness of their environment in the foreign land.

They believe their situation poses serious risks mainly along security lines.

Shimla University
Shimla University -India

Lincoln Kabaghe, who is one of the Malawian students enrolled with Shimla University on scholarship basis, has confided in Malawi24 on the matter. He complains, they are as good as imprisoned people.

“We are not living freely in this country, most of our human rights are being violated which is affecting our education,” He said

According to Kabaghe, non-residential students from Africa are asked to surrender their Visas and other important documents to landlords and landladies.

He added that owners of the houses do not respect the students’ right to privacy as they enter the apartments anytime they want.

In addition, students are not allowed to bring black friends, particularly those from Africa. This is because black Africans are by default suspects of drug deals.

“Based on my experience, if you are a black African in India then you are a drug dealer. If they do not suspect you of using drugs, then they suspect you of selling drugs or anything related to that.

“We are not allowed to visit our friends during night hours, but then this is the university where we sacrifice more of sleeping time for better grades. My friends and I were once beaten in a  friend’s room by his landlord because we stopped by late night to ask for a tax fare top-up,” narrates Kabaghe.

Meanwhile, Kabaghe is putting up with his friend in Punjab after his landlord threw him out of the house for accommodating his fellow African.

“I helped my fellow African who was not feeling good by providing him with shelter. I found him sleeping near the apartment I used to rent because it was not safe but the landlord thought he was my partner in drug deals.”

Worse still, Kabaghe was once hunted by the police for being suspected of being a drug dealer in India because he is a black person from Africa. One of his friends from Malawi also met the same fate such that he was not allowed to leave the country until his Visa expired.

Meanwhile, Lincoln Kabaghe is pleading with well-wishers to help him financially because he has exhausted his resources on meeting travelling expenses. He says he has been moving from one place to another to ask for help.

“The government should intervene by talking with the Indian government to improve our welfare.”
It has been revealed that most African students scattered across Indian Universities are facing similar problems.

Before we published the story, we were making efforts to find out from the minister of foreign affairs if they have information on the issue. Malawi24 is also making efforts to hear from the relevant authority in India.




  2. Just concentrate on your education and bring the paper home. Lazy Malawian youths want smooth ride on everything. Just appreciate you got the scholarship to fly to Asia for your education, others didn’t get that opportunity. Finish your studies and bring results here. Don’t stay there after graduating. You think life is easy. Go to class, learn, go to your hostel and study then pass exams. You are not tourists there, you are students and your rights are restricted/limited. Stop crying boys and girls. Don’t make noise please

  3. Malawi government we are watching what and when you gonna respond to this matter. A Malawian Citizen is in trouble in India the country bof citizenz of people who are very comfortable in our country

  4. When i look at,some. Comments here…i laugh……..have you beeb in a foreign land before? You know how it feels when yku feels abandoned…lets nit just comments shit because we have free data….
    This is a serious issue our Fellow Malawian citizen is going through.
    Malawian government do your work on this one ASAP. We have Malawian embasxy in the Republic of India… need to do its work
    We are tired of just seeing India citizens buying plots in our country and letting our Fellow citizenz suffering in that stuoid foreign land

  5. You go to any country ,you have to abide by the rule of that place. Just focus on your own study. Don’t try to be reformer or politician. If the house owner told you upfront for not bringing up your friends so in first place if you don’t like this condition, why did you go to that house ,now just follow the rule.and in the end …one rotten apple makes another apples rotten…..and recently in india lots of students from africa are caught in drug dealings. So thats why ppl are just taking precautions…

  6. These are kids who were born with silver spoon in the mouth.Just do school others here they wish that could fall in there hands and grab it.So be grand of what you have.Not everything you get comes with honey and milk.Enjoy the sour then you will enjoy the sweetness.

  7. If a student confided you should have kept their anonymity because now you might make tgeir condition worse. I hope their situation gets better

  8. Man work at your university,nothing is serious here to complain.

  9. Man work at your university,nothing is serious here to complain.Sinankha mukufuna school ndi kunjoyanso at same time so that’s impossible my bro

  10. The boy seem to have too much in his plate. This article has no content at all. Boy focus on your academic and come home with results not this type of nonsense.

  11. I wonder who told the Indians that they are white, they are as black as African, they are very rude and need to be told that they are black, they r drug dealers too if is that point they are blady black

  12. That is not Africa. When in Rome , do as Romans do. When have you become a charitable organisation to help those in need? Concentrate on school. Yamikani mulungu kuti boma la dziko la India lakupatsani scholarship. Mukamaliza come and start your charity here.

  13. Most of the stories here are fabricated, and trust me by putting this and getting to the wrong people life will become hard for them that side.. This whole article shouldn’t have been published until you learn more about the victim himself, this will come back to you!!! Watch.

  14. you are there to school my brother..if your landlord don’t want vistors ..abind to it..every landlord has rules..concentrate on your studies rather than complaining about useless things….you want to accommodate more people in your room..ndi landlord uti angalore zimenezo

  15. That’s a mind thing, even if the government intervenes nothing good could come out of that cos you black and they shall always treat as such a suspect! That’s crazy though. Let’s develop our own Universities, fight the brain drain. Let’s educate ourselves in our own land and our languages. Drop corruption, transparency everywhere

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