Malawians have last laugh over British Ambassador Holly Tett’s cultural misappropriation


Malawians have hit back at British Ambassador Holly Tett after British Prime Minister Theresa May was pictured kneeling before Prince William.

A few months ago, Tett kicked up a storm after condemning a woman for laying at the feet of Vice President Saulos Chilima.

Theresa May kneeling before Prince William.

The woman, who was one of the victims of floods in Karonga, was thanking Chilima for visiting her area and providing relief items.

Reacting to a picture of the woman, Tett tweeted: “This way of saying thanks ‘the traditional way’ just doesn’t sit right with me.” What’s wrong with the traditional way of just saying thanks and throwing in a smile for good measure?”

Now Malawians have hit back.

On Friday, a picture of British Prime Minister May kneeling before Prince William as she greeted him went viral and it has provided Malawians with ammunition to troll Tett.

Facebook user Yamikani wrote: #HollyTett look away! This may not sit well with you.”

While Bright Theu also posted the picture of May on Facebook saying: “This idea of respect does not sit well with me.”

On Twitter, Malawians tweeted the British ambassador asking her to comment on the picture.

“@HollyTett does this sit well with you madam?” asked Precious Nkoka.

4 thoughts on “Malawians have last laugh over British Ambassador Holly Tett’s cultural misappropriation

  1. Long ago there was agreat love amang us as African. it’s your parents miss or Mrs ambassador who evacuate it.LET AFRICAN CULTURE FOR AFRICA .especially you and Americans you guy’s spoiling the world

  2. Kkkkkkkkk. I hope what May did now sit well with Holly. Holly timatime osameza usanatafune. Look now vise versa.

  3. Tets is supposed to respect our culture values because its what makes us Malawians….Africans…hop she s sick upatairs

  4. To kneel or to kneel down means one knee or both knees should be on the ground and this is not the case with Prime Minister May. She in not kneeling down in the picture you have posted. Know the meaning of the word before using it!!!!

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