Chindekha star plans big for Dianna video


The name Vube is now a household in Malawi thanks to his creativity that saw him coining a word called Chindekha through a hit song which came out in 2016.

Mr Chindekha, as some of his fans call him, is now dreaming in colours having revealed that he plans to take his impending video international.

Vube is planning to take the video to Trace Africa.

“I am planning to take the video to Trace Africa, plus arrangements have been made to expose the product globally via United Kingdom media conduits,” said Vube on Saturday.
The video in question is for a song titled Dianna. It is being produced by Sukez of HD Plus Creation, alongside Anis.

Vubwe further told Malawi24 that he feels compelled to join the few Malawian artists who represent the nation on the international platform. This, he alluded to the improvement in local music production both in audio and visual.

“If we manage to get more videos on international platforms, that will also have a positive effect on the country`s economy.”

Dianna video exposes a beautiful scenery of Lake Malawi. It is set in the lakeshore district of Salima and Beirut Market, behind Maula Parish.

Vube assures Malawians that they will be the first to have a taste of the product before it goes international. According to the singer, people should expect it by either the end of June or early July.